I am Simone and right now living in my hometown of Duisburg, Germany. However, my biggest wish is to move abroad (again) and reside in a warm place with year round sunshine, palm trees and the beach around the corner. One day, one day...
This blog was created to support me on my weight loss journey - so far so good. I did start it in 2011 and never really got around to keep up with blogging (or losing weight), as continously something in real life threw me off the bandwagon.
So one of these days I grabbed myself by the sleeves and thought - enough of it! And so I started this blog properly in September 2015.
Besides my diet, I write about my life in general, beauty, make-up, travels, whatever floats my boat.
Let's see where this journey will take me - besides towards a slim figure :)
I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

Camera: Right now I only have a small point-and-shoot by Canon, but I hope to change that soonish :) Yay, I finally bought a proper DSLR, a Canon 700D! Happy little sausage, I am :D

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