Samstag, 23. Mai 2015


Cocktails in a hotel bar.

A sunny day last year, taken from my house. Just sharpened, no other filter.

In front of my house after a heavy storm. It was so hot and humid, the rain didn't cool at all.

Another freezing very early morning in March 2014. I love the atmosphere in this picture!

Summer 2013 at the Rhine here in town. The river is right behind me.

Yet another freezing early morning photo from March 2014.

Last summer in the Netherlands.

March 2014 - yes, a freezing early morning at the Rhine :)

As I mentioned in my last post, I do not have a proper DSLR yet, just my old iPhone 4s and a point-and-shoot by Canon. So I thought I share a few pics taken just with my phone - can I make do a few months without a good camera :) ? I love photography, have already loved it way back when digital pic taking, blogging or even the internet were non-existant, and I used film. I have never taken any courses, so I would not label myself a photographer per se, but I think my love for taking a good photo can be seen. Well - at least I hope so ^^ Most of these pics can be found on my Instagram, I just wanted to show them "big" style here.


  1. That photo of the cocktails is gorgeous! I love how colorful it is and how you captured the bokeh. :)

    xo Mandy | A Girl, Obsessed

  2. Oh thank you :)
    The bokeh is tbh a filter - I only had my iPhone for the pics but I still like how they turned out :)
    I worked on my blog the last weeks (design, small things here and there), AND I finally bought a proper camera, So I hope that already this week I can start with blog posts. If I figure out how to use that camera :p
    See you on your blog xxx



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